Rural investments in agricultural technologies: Farmer education and savings groups in Cambodia


This poster was presented by Frederik Sagemüller, with the Royal University of Agriculture, at the program's 2013 annual meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

Co-authors on the poster include Neda Yousefian, Borarin Buntong - Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and Dr. Cary Trexler, David Miller - University of California, Davis

Abstract:  In this project, we will build the capacity of farmer savings groups by connecting them to income‐generating horticultural technologies as well as agricultural and financial education. This model allows farmer savings groups to learn about new technologies, as well as good agricultural practices, and develop their capacity to invest, without pressuring or incentivizing the adoption of undesired, inappropriate technologies. We will collect data on the demand and use of these technologies in rural farming systems. This model will enable information to flow in two directions, as farmer savings groups gain access to “leapfrog technologies” and we learn how farmers reinvent the technologies to suit on‐the‐ground realities.