Small to Medium Farmholders Improving Horticulture Production Through Climate Smart Agriculture 

smallholder farmer with crate of produce
Promoting Small Farm Technologies for Climate Smart Agriculture and Market Access in Guatemala. Image credit: Acceso.


Small to Medium Farmholders Improving Horticulture Production Through Climate Smart Agriculture 

[DAVIS] – The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture is delighted to announce the launch of three regionally-led initiatives – two research initiatives and one fellowship program – to be coordinated by the Horticulture Innovation Lab’s Central America Regional Hub Managers, Julio Lopez, Celia Trejo and Patricia Arce from Zamorano University.

These 3.5-year projects focus on determining appropriate climate smart agricultural technologies for horticulture producers in Honduras and Guatemala. Additionally, the research specifically aims to increase the nutrition and income of small-holder women farmers. Climate change mitigation and adaptation, through protected cultivation and improved soil health, were identified as a priority by the horticulture sector in Central America during a stakeholder meeting in 2022. The three projects and their foci are as follows:

With many smallholder farmers experiencing the effects of climate change around the world,  equitable, climate-smart agricultural practices are critical to build resilience. The projects being initiated in Central America address not only regional but global priorities. “Thanks to the collaboration and cooperation provided by the Horticulture Innovation Lab, these projects,” Julio Lopez notes, “will strengthen the horticultural value chains that small producers are developing, in order to place quality and safe products in the market, for food and nutrition security.”

"We're thrilled to support Escuela Agrícola Panamericana Zamorano and all of our Principal Investigators in taking on this global priority," said Erin McGuire, Director of the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture. "Through a focus on climate-smart agriculture and the empowerment of smallholder farmers, particularly women, we're not just addressing immediate needs but building a foundation for sustainable growth and resilience.”

For more information about our Research Project Portfolio and collaboration opportunities, please visit or contact Associate Director, Archie Jarman at

Farm in Guatemala
Promoting technology for horticulture production for adaptation to climate change in Guatemala. Image credit: Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG).
Fellows in program gather around table
Empowering Young Horticulture Researchers in Honduras. Image credit: Zamorano University.
Image of smallholder farmers with produce


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