Work With Us

Collaboration and partnerships are fundamental to the success of the Horticulture Innovation Lab and its network. Exchanging best practices, research findings and innovative tools between researchers working in different locations and contexts advances the capacity for horticulture to improve farmer livelihoods and human nutrition. 

The Horticulture Innovation Lab seeks to further strengthen the capacity of its research network by partnering with new collaborators, when possible. 

When funding is available, the Horticulture Innovation Lab issues requests for proposals (RFPs) for competitive selection processes. The program cannot accept unsolicited project proposals.

In addition to partnerships via funding, the Horticulture Innovation Lab seeks to expand its network by sharing information resources and innovative practices with horticultural practitioners around the world. To that end, we hope you find the information on this website useful. Please consider subscribing to our email newsletter to stay up-to-date on horticulture news and opportunities; finding a new collaborator or signing up as a potential collaborator to find other partners in our network; and/or signing up as a potential expert reviewer of proposals.