Call for pre-proposals on IPM for nematode control

For Information Only - Deadline has passed

The Horticulture Innovation Lab is soliciting pre-proposals for research on nematode control in fruits and vegetables in Guatemala, Honduras, and/or Haiti. A diverse array of nematodes are critical pests of horticultural crops in Central America and the Caribbean, causing smallholder farmers to lose crops or to face quarantine restrictions.

Specifically, the Horticulture Innovation Lab is looking for research project proposals in integrated pest management (IPM) practices important to, and appropriate for, smallholder farmers in the Feed the Future zones of GuatemalaHonduras, and/or Haiti. The research should result in useful practices and recommendations for smallholder farmers.

Selected research projects will be funded for up to a total of $450,000 for up to three years. The principal investigator on the project must be from a U.S. university.


Please see transcript of Q&A webinar (PDF) for questions and answers about this funding opportunity. The webinar was held March 7, and was optional to attend.


To be considered, pre-proposals must be received by the Horticulture Innovation Lab before 8 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), Friday, April 1.

Submit your pre-proposal here:

Top submissions will be notified by April 18, with an invitation to submit a full proposal.

Please pass this notice along to other researchers in U.S. universities who might be interested.