African indigenous vegetable production in Kenya and Zambia


This 90-second video shares about the work Jim Simon of Rutgers and his team are doing to research and promote African indigenous vegetables in Kenya and Zambia.

This project supports African indigenous vegetable industries using a market-first, science-driven approach that connects stakeholders along the value chain. Vegetables will vary within countries based upon market demand and nutritional benefits, potentially including amaranth, moringa, African eggplant, Ethiopian mustard, African nightshade, and spider plant.

This project is focused on developing and identifying the most effective intervention methods toward improved access, affordability, availability, and adoption of African indigenous vegetables. One thousand households across Kenya and Zambia were surveyed to determine the baseline consumption of African indigenous vegetables. Nutritional recommendations are being transferred to communities and production interventions are being provided to producers of African indigenous vegetables.

This video debuted at the 2018 Horticulture Innovation Lab annual meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. 


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