How to Implement the Dry Chain - Handout

DryChain Handout

Similar to the cold chain, the Dry Chain requires that products be dried sufficiently and that dryness be maintained via packaging over the life of the product to prevent re-absorption of moisture from the atmosphere. Once dried and appropriately packaged, dried commodities don't require additional cost to maintain their quality and safety. Any break in the dry chain that allows products to re-absorb moisture can result in losses, quality problems or safety problems.

When properly implemented, the Dry Chain reduces food losses, maintains food quality, can increase sales (bargaining power with traders, not having to re-dry product), increases safety of dried commodities stored at home for consumption.

The goal of the Dry Chain is to dry their product sufficiently, to measure dryness with an accurate indicator, to store their product in air-tight storage, and to monitor/confirm that dryness is maintained without moisture intrusions.

As a handy visual guide, the Dry Chain Handout is intended to help extensionists and trainers to convey the key concepts of the Dry Chain with images and flowcharts and only a few words that can be easily translated and is only one page, double-sided. 


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