Improving yield through better farm-saved seed storage


This 6-page fact sheet introduces how to use drying beads to improve seed storage systems.

Classic seed storage result in quick loss of vigor and germination potential due to temperature and seed moisture.

The fact sheet offers basic instructions to mix seeds with drying beads as soon as possible after harvest, in a closed container. When preparing to plant the seeds, separate them from the drying beads with a sieve, wait 1-2 days, and then plant. Drying beads can be recharged in an oven to be used again with more seeds or during a future season.

Seed drying beads, a technology invented by the Rhino Research Group (RR Group), can provide an easy and simple way to store seeds. Drying beads are reusable and can be used before planting or immediately after harvest. 


Drying beads