Innovations in dry season horticulture - website


This website, "Innovations in Dry Season Horticulture" is an additional project website created by the team working on the Horticulture Innovation Lab project, "Developing farmer-led irrigation solutions in Uganda" led by Kate Scow of UC Davis. 

The website includes details about each of the project's six participating farming sites in eastern Uganda: Aloet, Atari, Kabos, Kyekidde, Lwasso and Tente. Information about each site and farmer group includes context related to landscape, farming methods, farmers and the community. Details are also available about irrigation and soil challenges for each site, along with information about each of the irrigation technologies that have been tried or adopted by the farmers there. There is also information about "irrigation institutions" including social approaches the farmers have adopted to improve their access to irrigation and irrigation management.

The website also includes brief profiles of students who have participated in the project from Busitema University, as well as farmer profiles. 

The team behind the website includes: Kate Scow, Abraham Salomon, Betty Ikalany, Helen Acuku, Florence Akiding, Tom Gashali, Namakhola Rajab, Ogwang John, Mariah Coley and Julia Jordan. 

In addition to funding from the Horticulture Innovation Lab, the project has also previously received support from the Global Center for Food Systems Innovation, based at Michigan State University. 


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