Savings Revolution blog: Horticulture Community Entrepreneurship


This is blog and video on the "Savings Revolution" website from July 2014 features the Horticulture Innovation Lab project "Creating a market niche for 'food-safe' vegetables in Cambodia and Vietnam." The article details how project findings indicate that savings groups are an effective mechanism for bringing together farmers, farm families, suppliers, transporters, processors, and marketers to collaborate in building value chains that assure a viable and sustainable local horticultural-based economy.

From the article: 

Not only do savings groups help amass lump sums of capital which can be drawn upon to invest in new technologies and practices, but savings groups serve as centers of  informational exchange both horizontally among local stakeholders, and also vertically with two way communication between agricultural communities and research and training institutions.  Savings groups offer its members needed risk protection for trying out new practices as well as a fertile ground for spawning new agricultural businesses.  

The 8-minute video features interviews with farmers and researchers in Cambodia on the impact that the savings groups have had so far on communities and livelihoods. The video is in English and Khmer (with English subtitles).


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