Scaling up: Designing for adoption worksheet


This "Designing for Adoption" worksheet was part of the "Scaling Up Workshop" held during the Horticulture Innovation Lab 2014 annual meeting, which took place March 18, 2014, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The Scaling Up Workshop included a discussion of scaling projects and technologies, with lessons from successes and failures. Participants learned how to move any “technology” (including ideas, tools and practices) to another location or to a broader scale. Participants left the workshop with a specific set of steps for scaling and an understanding of scaling models.

This worksheet is an accompaniment for this workshop developed by:

  • Robert Adams, Sustainable Ag Tech Innovation Center, University of California, Davis
  • Mark A. Bell, Horticulture Innovation Lab, UC Davis

Workshop participants engaged in hands-on exercises based on their own projects, learning to design for adoption using this worksheet and facilitator input.