Using the power of video to amplify your work


This presentation, given by John Mounier with UC Davis Strategic Communications, begins by discussing the importance of video in social media outreach and the ways that strategic communications can partner in creating video.

Why video?

  • Offers Emotional Connection to Your Work
  • Exposure to Large Audience - Social Media
  • Multiple Uses - News, Development, Recruitment
  • Documentation as part of the Educational Experience

The second half of the presentation outlines the process of making a video: pre-production, production, and editing basics. 


  • One sentence idea
  • Define your audience
  • Outline your story
  • Where will the video be viewed?
  • Location - where will you shoot?

Production and shooting video:

  • Don’t forget to be the DIRECTOR
  • Make a clean shot - sound and picture
  • Choose an eyeline
  • Keep your non-verbal cues non-verbal
  • Get good sound

See the whole presentation for more details:

Slides: Video to Amplify Your Work