Increasingly frequent, intense shocks and stresses threaten the ability of men, women, and families to emerge from poverty in a sustainable way.

Expanding the floral industry in Honduras

Led by Alan Bennett,

Led by Alan Bennett of UC Davis, this international team supports the ornamental business in Honduras as a means to drive development of a local high-value industry, increase trade, and develop pol


Opening a regional postharvest training center in Tanzania

Led by Diane Barrett,
A year of training for postharvest experts from Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Benin and Gabon culminates in the establishment of a model Postharvest and Training Services Center in Tanzania--which the new experts emulate in their home countries.
Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya, Benin, Gabon

Establishing GIS data for horticultural projects in Malawi

Led by Darcy Boellstorff,

Led by Darcy Boellstorff of Bridgewater State University, this project's international team is focused on acquiring needed geographic information for use in a geographic information system (GIS) re