2010 Inception Workshop

When: May 16-18, 2010
Where: National Institute of Education, Singapore

The Horticulture Innovation Lab (at the time, the program was named Horticulture CRSP) held its Inception Workshop on May 16-18, 2010 in Singapore at the National Institute of Education. From 34 countries around the world, 95 participants joined the program's management team in a lively discussion about the potential for horticulture development to reduce poverty and improve livelihoods around the world.

See full story in the "Inception Workshop" article in our program newsletter.

Meeting Agenda Highlights

See meeting agenda PDF for details.

  • Overview of Workshop Purpose, Logistics, and Instructions - Beth Mitcham, Horticulture CRSP
  • Welcome - Ron Voss, Horticulture CRSP; LEE Sing Kong, National Institute of Education; and Poonpipope Kasemsap, Kasetsart University
  • Keynote Address: Enterprise Development in Rural Areas-The Case for High-Value Horticulture - James E. Simon, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • Overview: The Global Horticulture Assessment - Robert Paull, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Horticulture CRSP Activities and Opportunities - Beth Mitcham, Horticulture CRSP
  • Monitoring and Evaluation - Mark Bell, Horticulture CRSP
  • Gender Equity - Royce Gloria Androa, Reach Your Destiny, LTD
  • Information Accessibility - Mark Bell, Horticulture CRSP
  • Innovative Technologies - Michael Reid, Horticulture CRSP
  • Food Security, USAID and CRSP Collaboration - L. George Wilson, North Carolina State University
  • Horticulture and Food Security - Lisa Kitinoja, World Food Logistics Organization
  • Horticulture and Food Security - Robert Holmer, AVRDC, The World Vegetable Center
  • Horticulture and Food Security - Bertha Mjawa, Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives, Tanzania
  • Summary of Inception Workshop - Ron Voss, Horticulture CRSP

Breakout Session Transcripts

Regional Issues

Horticultural Issues


Information and PDFs for select posters are shared above. Below is a complete list of posters and poster presenters:

  • An Overview of Horticulture CRSP; Horticulture CRSP; University of California, Davis
  • Bangladesh Rural Enterprise for Alleviating Poverty; Dan Gudahl; Winrock International
  • Center for Fair and Alternative Trade; Douglas Murray; Center for Fair and Alternative Trade, Colorado State University
  • Concentrated Solar Drying of Mangoes and Tomatoes: Design for Tanzania; Diane M. Barrett; University of California, Davis
  • Cool storage and transportation; Michael Reid; University of California, Davis
  • Deployment of Rapid Diagnostic Tools for Phytophthora on Horticultural Crops in Central America; Jean Beagle Ristaino; North Carolina State University
  • Development of Vegetables in Zambia for Food Security, Income Generation and in Support of Tourism; Prof. Jim Simon; Rutgers University
  • Distance Education to Enhance Food Security in SSA; Daryl Lund; University of Wisconsin/Int'l Union Food Sci Technol
  • Diversity of vegetable crops at AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center, Regional Center for Africa; Dyno Keatinge; AVRDC - The World Vegetable Center
  • Horticulture CRSP Immediate Impact Projects Quickly Address Needs in Developing Countries; Horticulture CRSP; University of California, Davis
  • Horticulture in Gabon; Tristan NONDAH; IGAD, Gabonese Institute for Support to Devlopment
  • Horticulture value-chain work at Michigan State University; Muhammad Siddiq; Michigan State University
  • Improving Fruit Postharvest Quality through Best Management Practices for Perishable Vegetable Prod.; Craig D. Stanley, Jack Rechcigl, and Bielinski Santos; University of Florida
  • Indigenous African Leafy Vegetables (ALV) for Enhancing Livelihood of Smallholder Farmers in Kenya; Stephen Craig Weller; Purdue University
  • Modified atmosphere packaging reduces chilling injury mango fruit; Saichol Ketsa; Kasetsart University Nutritional/Economic
  • New Technology for Post-harvest Drying and Storage of Horticultural Seeds; Kent J. Bradford; University of California, Davis
  • Orange Flesh Sweetpotato (OFS) Products; Eunice Bonsi; Tuskegee University
  • Organic Vegetable Production in Esteli, Nicaragua; Juan C Diaz-Perez; University of Georgia
  • Participatory IPM CRSP activities among smallholder Horticultural growers in East Africa; Dr. Monicah Waiganjo; Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  • Post Harvest Research at the Industrial Technology Institute; Dr Shanthi Wilson Wijeratnam; Industrial Technology Institute
  • Poverty Alleviation Through a Horticultural Research and Development; Dr. Michael Masanza; Uganda Christian University
  • Processing technologies to ensure food safety; Yen Con Hung; University of Georgia
  • Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Production in Nkokonjeru, Uganda; Ignitius Bwoogi; Rural Agency for Sustainable Development
  • Reaching out to empower farmers; Dharmalingam S. Pitchay; Tennessee State University
  • Research activities in horticulture in the CNMI; Dilip Nandwani; Northern Marianas College
  • Smiles of Strawberry; Ronjeev Das; FruitValley Strawberry Nursery
  • Sustainable Production of Specialty Horticultural Crops in Ghana for Income Generation and Export; Prof. Jim Simon; Rutgers University
  • Testing a concept for delivery of distance education in the sub-Saharan Africa food industry; Daryl Lund; University of Wisconsin-IUFoST
  • Variation of Total Lactones as Affected by Shading, Harvesting Stages and Varieties of Andrographs; Yingyong Paisooksantivatana; Kasetsart University
  • Vegetable Project in Central America; James Nienhuis; University of Wisconsin