GenderUp Scaling Tool

GenderUp Scaling Tool

GenderUp Scaling Tool

GenderUp is a discussion-based method that supports innovation teams to scale agricultural innovations in a gender responsible and socially inclusive way. Current scaling support tools focus on limiting factors and bottlenecks to increase innovation users. But they do so without focusing on limiting factors for different groups of people, including women. 

GenderUp helps generate scaling strategies that incorporate different social experiences. The result? More equitable access to the benefits of innovation.  

This tool was developed by Wageningen University & Research and CGIAR - Alliance of Bioversity Internationalwith the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture as a scaling partner. 

GenderUp guides innovation teams through 3 workshops to:

  1. Identify diversity and intersectionality among intended innovation users from a social and gender perspective.
  2. Create a scaling strategy which anticipates unintended (negative) consequences for specific social categories and allows for their adequate mitigation
  3. During each stage, the scaling team engages in guided conversations and sensitizations.

At the end of GenderUp, innovation teams should have a scaling strategy that is gender responsible and socially inclusive.

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