Regional fact sheet: Horticulture Innovation Lab in Western Africa


As of April 2018: With funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Horticulture Innovation Lab has supported more than $1.7 million in horticultural research projects that affect smallholder farmers in West African countries. The Horticulture Innovation Lab has examined aspects of orange-fleshed sweet potato production, tomato production, specialty crop marketing, nutrition, and postharvest training. Projects during the current phase include:

  • Establishing a horticulture center in Guinea
    The Horticulture Innovation Lab management entity leads this project that introduces new technologies and establishes a Horticulture Training and Services Center that is led by youth and driven by market needs.
  • Improving postharvest practices for tomatoes in Burkina Faso
    Gurbinder Gill, of Agribusiness Associates, Inc., leads this postharvest project that includes market assessment, capacity building among postharvest specialists, establishing a postharvest training and services center and promoting postharvest techologies, in response to needs identified by the USAID/Sahel Reginal Office and USAID/Burkina Faso mission.
  • Rapid assessment of horticulture in Guinea
    The Horticulture Innovation Lab management entity was asked to evaluate the horticulture sector in Guinea, to identify constraints of improving fruit and vegetable production commercially and among households.


This fact sheet highlights some of the Horticulture Innovation Lab's major research projects and partner organizations in Western Africa.