Strengthening the value chain for African indigenous vegetables


Stephen Weller, of Purdue University, presented "Sustainable African Indigenous Vegetable (AIV) Production and Market-Chain Development for Improved Health and Nutrition and Income Generation by Smallholder Farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia" on May 6, 2013 of the program's annual meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.

His talk focused on two overall objectives: 

  • to build local scientific and technical capacity and
  • apply research findings and technical knowledge to increase small producers’ participation in African indigenous vegetable markets.  

Markets, prices, and consumer preferences for AIVs were surveyed.  The major pests of AIVs and best production practices are presented.  Postharvest considerations are covered, including the use of shaded postharvest work stations and the CoolBot technology to maintain the "cold chain" and build capacity of stakeholders in the AIV market chain.


Kenya Tanzania Zambia