Julio López Montes

portrait: Julio López, director of Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Center at Zamorano
Director, Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Center at Zamorano

Julio López is a plant protection specialist and leads classes in integrated pest management and entomology as a professor at the Panamerican Agricultural School, Zamorano, in Honduras. He is also the director of the Horticulture Innovation Lab Regional Center at Zamorano and as such, a member of the Horticulture Innovation Lab's International Advisory Board. Professor López has mentored students and participated in several courses on IPM in vegetables, fruits and grains crops at Zamorano, Nicaraguan and Honduras agricultural universities. He also does extension of information in IPM, farmer field school methodology and alternative technologies for pest control for producers, handlers and consumers. He had been involved in several scientific publications in IPM, vegetable crop production, and pest management for farmers. He is a member of the IPM Network for Central America, the Pest Plant Protection Network of Nicaragua and member of the National IPM Committee of Nicaragua.