Manuel Reyes

Manny Reyes, Kansas State University
Research professor
Based In
Cary, North Carolina (USA)

Manuel Reyes is a research professor at Kansas State University, working primarily for the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Sustainable Intensification. Reyes has also served as a principal investigator and collaborator on multiple Horticulture Innovation Lab projects in Central America and Asia. 

Reyes has more than 32 years of experience working with water quality modeling, natural resources management and conservation agriculture – and has extensive expertise across the globe in research, extension, teaching and project implementation. His current research includes extensive travel between Cambodia, the Philipines, Guatemala and Ethiopia. In Cambodia, his efforts have focused on working with the Royal University of Agriculture and University of Battambang to enhance human and institutional capacity to conduct research and training of scholars and youth. He facilitates partnerships with other Feed the Future Innovation Labs, international organizations and private partners in Cambodia.  

As a biological and agroecological engineer, he designs food production systems that mimic nature. His research focuses on conservation agriculture practices. He pioneered research in seven countries that showed yield increases as well as labor and water savings by replacing conventional practices with conservation agriculture practices in vegetable production systems. Reyes uses living systems as materials for his engineering designs. His aim is to intensify food production while enhancing soil health and biodiversity and improving water quality and water availability. His key motivation is to improve food security and the quality of life, especially in poor communities.

He has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from Louisiana State University and a Master’s degree in agricultural engineering from Cranfield University. He also has a B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Engineering from the University of the Philippines Los Baños.


Favorite agricultural advice?
Intensifying food production and enhancing the health of natural resources must be inseparable.

Best thing about collaborating across borders?
My deep relationships with people.

What inspires me?
My love for Jesus Christ and His command to love.




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