Round 4 (2015)

Fourth round of Trellis Fund projects

In 2015, the Horticulture Innovation Lab awarded its fourth round of Trellis Fund projects. A press release is available about the students selected to support these projects. A 2014-2015 Trellis fact sheet (PDF) also describes the Trellis Fund and lists current projects.

There were two tracks of funding and project types for this round of Trellis Fund projects. A "concept note" was a shorter application for an initial $500 that included working with a student for project development, to apply for additional funds up to $2,000 total. A "technical project" followed the traditional application route, with funding up to $2,000.

The Davis Enterprise newspaper wrote an article about three UC Davis students' experiences with Trellis projects: "Global insights: Trellis students work abroad." The Feed the Future newsletter also featured an article about a UF student's experience in Ghana: "Students Helping Students Learn State-of-the-Art Science."

Trellis Fund projects in Round 4 took place between March 1, 2015 and Dec. 31, 2016.