Promotion of mulching in vegetable production



Led By


Russell Galanti, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa


Arumeru is a district with high levels of malnutrition for children under five due to low consumption of micronutrient-rich vegetables. Production of vegetables in the district has been affected by long drought periods as a result of climate change coupled with poor agronomic practices. The proposed project is intending to address these challenges by introducing the use of mulching techniques and good agronomic practices to tomato, African eggplant, and African nightshade vegetable growers to conserve moisture and improve productivity. The project will be implemented in Arumeru district, Arusha region, specifically in Nduruma and Manyire villages. The project activities will involve establishing demonstrations plots using black plastic and dry grass mulch materials, field trainings, use of farmer groups and motivators.