Resilience Projects


Increasingly frequent, intense shocks and stresses threaten the ability of men, women, and families to emerge from poverty in a sustainable way.

Determining the trade-offs between short and long horticulture value chains in Kenya

Led by Willis Owino,
A project focused on the impacts of long and short horticultural value chains on nutrition, economic and social outcomes, and the utilization of information communication technologies (ICTs) within these value chains, to determine the interventions and innovations required to achieve specific outcomes and avoid harmful unintended scaling outcomes.

Empowering Young Horticulture Researchers in Honduras

Led by Julio López Montes,
A fellowship-oriented program that provides seed funding to higher-education students in Honduras to conduct small-scale research projects across the horticulture value chain. Students will be guided through a grant drafting and submission training program to increase capacity in applying for funding, and supporting expertise to implement research projects.

Promoting food and nutrition security in the West African sub-region through indigenous, neglected and underutilized fruits and vegetables

Led by Dr. Freda E. Asem,
Providing a deeper understanding of the significant role African indigenous fruit and vegetable (AIFVs) have in global food and nutrition security, this project investigates how actors along the value chain can increase income through enhanced production and consumption of and AIFVs in Ghana and Mali.
Ghana, Mali

Strengthening the horticulture sector in Guinea Bissau

Led by Dr. Naalamle Amissah ,
The horticulture sector in Guinea Bissau offers significant promise that remains untapped. This project will strengthen input supply, production strategies, and build institutional capacity in higher education, national research, and within farmer groups, primarily groups led by women.