What’s growing at the Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center at UC Davis

Thriving vegetable plants, new experiments in progress, visitors exploring agricultural tools, and an upcoming gardening contest have been keeping the team behind the Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center busy recently.

Here’s an update about what we’ve been cultivating at our center on the UC Davis campus.

Exploring postharvest technology demonstrations

Group with chimney solar dryer demonstration with pineapple and kale IMG_4878eds
Jim Thompson, UC emeritus specialist, demonstrates his chimney dryer design with slices of pineapple and kale to UC Davis Postharvest Short Course participants.

About 65 visitors from 12 countries toured through the Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center on campus last week, as they participated in the UC Davis Postharvest Technology Short Course. The group of researchers, students and agricultural professionals were participating in a two-week course to learn about the science behind caring for fruits and vegetables after harvest, to increase quality and reduce postharvest losses.

The visitors rotated through demonstrations of some of the low-cost technologies that Horticulture Innovation Lab researchers use with farmers in developing countries—including a solar-powered CoolBot, the UC Davis chimney solar dryer, and the zero-energy cooling chamber.

Undergraduate UC Davis student planting seedlings in garden bed with solar dryer chimneys in background IMG_4054
Elise Brockett, student farming assistant, transplants spider plant into the African garden bed at the Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center at UC Davis.

African vegetables growing

Elise Brockett, our student farming assistant, transferred vegetables Continue reading What’s growing at the Horticulture Innovation Lab Demonstration Center at UC Davis

Our newest center, here at UC Davis

In a corner of the UC Davis campus, there is a new garden plot with fresh mulch, thriving vegetable plants, young seedlings, and a small shed.

Until this week, there were no signs on this mysterious plot. If you’re at UC Davis, you may have walked by and wondered, “What’s growing on over there?”

This is the Horticulture Innovation Lab’s new center at UC Davis, a work in progress.

Campus map shows new garden plot between Environmental Horticulture buildings and Nelson Hall for the Horticulture Innovation Lab's new Center at UC Davis, in progress.
Wondered what is growing in this corner of campus? This map shows the location of the Horticulture Innovation Lab’s Center, demonstrating vegetables and tools from the program’s work in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Though our program is headquartered here in California, the Horticulture Innovation Lab has two Regional Centers at universities in Honduras and in Thailand. These centers demonstrate agricultural technologies that can help smallholder farmers Continue reading Our newest center, here at UC Davis